stainless steel heated towel rail

2022 Popular Design Bathroom Accesories Stainless Steel Vertical Heated Towel Rail Wall Mounted HZ-932A

2022 Popular Design Bathroom Accesories Stainless Steel Vertical Heated Towel Rail Wall Mounted HZ-932A

2020 Popaular Stainless Steel 304 Vertical Heated Towel Rail  Towel Warmer Wall Mounted HZ-932A

Thanks very much for your interest in our product, please kindly choose the correct parameter of the product:
1. What working voltage you want?   220V?  110V?
2. Wire concealed(hard wiring)  or wire exposed(exposed plug) ?
3. Wire out from left side or right side when you face to the product?
4. Switch on the left side or right side?  If you ordered the product with a switch.

Please leave a message to tell us your voltage, and consealed wiring / plug  & switch on right side or left side.

If no message, we will make the wire / plug and switch on right side, and voltage according to your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.In which rooms can I install Yijin/HZ heated towel rails?

Yijin/HZ heated towel rails can be installed in, for instance, bathrooms, utility rooms, WCs, changing rooms, halls, mud

rooms, wind boxes, hobby rooms, utility closets, garages, etc. Yijin/HZ heated towel rails are equally suited for new

orrenovated buildings, and for homes as well as for public spaces. They are also extremely well suited for cabins and

holiday homes.

2.What can I dry with a heated towel rail?

Yijin/HZ heated towel rails allow you to dry towels, bath robes, water-washable clothing, small laundry items and

outdoor and children's clothing–quickly and without hassle. When drying more delicate textiles or rain wear, we

recommend placing a towel between the dryer and  the textile.

3.Are Yijin/HZ products made in Stainless Steel 304 or 201, highlight polished, brushed or 


All Yijin/HZ heated towel rails are made in SS304 and highlight hand polished or brushed both okay. The end result

is very much like chrome  or nickel, and won’t chip or peel, and provides towel warmers that will keep their good looks

for many years to come.

4.Are drying rails available in custom dimensions?

All the heated towel rails are available in custom dimensions. Special requirement for it must be specified in the

product order.

5.Can an electric heated towel rail be mounted with the power cord embedded in the wall,

which means  concealed wiring?

Parts of Yijin/HZ electric heated towel rails are supplied with enough power cord and can also be directly connected

to household wiring as concealed wiring, pre-wiring prior to installation is required. Please check the page above

for answers.

6.Where is the electric towel warmer's on/off switch located?

The on/off switch and the power cable are in the same corner of the heated towel rail. The switch always be located

at the end of vertical tube. Special requirement for it must be specified in the product order.

7.Are Yijin/HZ products type-approved or certified?

All electric Yijin/HZ dryers are CE, SAA, RoHs approved. The safety class of the electric dryers is IP44, IP65rated.

Product safety and functionality are of utmost importance for us.

8.How hot will my towel warmer get?

Our towel warmers heat up to a temperature that is too hot to lay your hand on for a period of time, but not hot

enough to burn when touched. For electric models, the temperature is in the range of 45 ºC. Placement, surrounding

conditions in the room, ventilation and other factors may cause slight variation in the rail's surface temperature but,

in any case, the temperature does not exceed 65 ºC.

9.May I leave the heated towel rail on indefinitely?

Electric heated towel rails, part of them can come equipped with an illuminated on/off switch. If required, the towel rail

may be switched off. The electric Yijin/HZ heated towel rails have an extremely low energy consumption, only 35–350W,

depending on the model, so  leaving the device on is recommended, especially in humid spaces. The towel rail removes

excess moisture from indoor air and thus helps keep  structures dry, preventing damage caused by mildew and moisture.

10.How long is the warranty on Yijin/HZ heated towel rails?

Yijin/HZ drying rails come with a one-year warranty , starting from the date of delivery. The warranty is valid provided that

the product is installed correctly. The warranty covers material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover

flaws or injuries arising  from incorrect installation, use, maintenance or repairs.

11.How do I clean the surfaces of the heated towel rail?

The surfaces of the heated towel rail should be cleaned regularly with water and either a neutral or slightly alkaline (PH 6–9)

liquid detergent (such as most soap solutions and dish washing liquids) following the detergent manufacturer's instructions.

Soap and water are usually sufficient for removing dirt, calcium and other deposits. Electric heated towel rails must be turned

off before cleaning. To clean your heated towel rail, moisten a sponge or a kitchen cloth with diluted detergent and wipe all

surfaces. Rinse repeatedly with a sponge or a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. Finish by drying all surfaces. Never use

abrasive cleaning implements, or abrasive or corrosive substances, or substances containing solvents, acids or ammonia

for cleaning chrome or colour-coated surfaces.

12.Does Yijin/HZ is a trading company and can you supply hydronic(water heated) towel rails also?

We are factory, not trading company. Yes, we can supply hydronic also with SS304. Customized sizes are available, welcome

your inquiry.

Thanks for choosing Yijin/HZ's towel rails, we believe our rails will be great part of your warm family.

More styles more concessions

About the tariff

We only bear the freight and not the duty!

Function introduction

Built-in thermostat, disinfection, energy saving (80 watts, only 2 KWH per day), timing switch (0-9 hours adjustment, choose 0 hours is always in the open state), temperature adjustment (45-70 degrees), 304 stainless steel (wear-resistant), waterproof (IPX4 waterproof), leakage proof, can be installed hidden wiring, The voltage can be 110V and 220V.

About the transportation

We all use Aliexpress online logistics, and the delivery from the Chinese factory is expected to take 15-35 days.

This model can do hidden wire installation. Because the wire connection port of this product is just above the fixed pole, it can be perfectly hidden!

Exceptional case

1) If you need products with wires on the left side of the product, you can leave a message on the order. We'll send you the products you need.
2)All of our products are fitted with plugs, whether they are installed using plugs or hidden wires. The difference between a hidden wire and a product that uses a plug is just an accessory.You need to cut the plug yourself to complete the installation of the hidden wire.If you do not understand, please contact our customer service. We will tell you through pictures or videos.
3)The wire thread state seen in the picture can only appear if you buy the Chinese plug. The wires of other specifications (EU standard plug) (American standard plug) (British standard plug) (Australian standard plug) are all straight lines.
The diagram below:

If you have any questions, please consult our customer service. Our customer service will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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